Hello and welcome to my website, a place where I take a look at interior designs and garden landscaping, alongside the best available ways to manage the space in your home, office or garden. Personally I love spending time in my home and especially my garden as I see it as a place to relax and socialise, so I feel it is very important to give people as many options as possible when it comes to designing, building and maintaining this area.

 Every home and garden is different in terms of the soil, size and purpose. What I like to do is take everything into consideration when designing or providing consultation such as the angle of the sun through different times of the day, where flowers will flourish and the ideal locations for either water features or statues. Whether you have a small or large area in either the city or the suburbs I will be happy to help.

City Gardens

You may be thinking that because you live in central parts of a city that you only have limited space and are surrounded by concrete (apart from parks and playing fields). However I like to think of this more as a concrete jungle and there are many ways to add greenery and make your small urban garden a place to relax and escape the stresses which living in a large city can bring. Being surrounded by concrete gives you the option to use a variety of colours on the surrounding walls or surfaces as they are a blank canvas. Paints or sprays can be used to apply a layer of colour that will add vibrancy making the best of this space. Alternatively wall gardens can be used if you are more of a flower lover. These are just some of the concepts I like to toy with, but for more ideas go to our city gardens page or check out my blog where I look at tips and tricks for gardens.

Rural Gardens

More often than not having a house in the suburbs normally comes with a nice expansive open space and allows you to be very creative when thinking about redesigning your garden or landscaping. During this process you may want to consider either reshaping the layout or parameters of you garden. In order to do this you may need to have turf re-laid and trees removed and by ensuring you are using the best tree removal Perth has to offer you will get the desired results. This was especially evident when I recommended The Tree Firm to a family in Perth and you can see the difference they created in our gallery section. As previously stated, living in these sorts of areas does normally give you a larger area to play with but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need a larger budget, visit my rural garden section to find out more and for cost-saving tips and tricks visit my blog where I look at a variation of alternatives to get the same effects you would with more expensive services.

As always I will be happy to deal with your enquiries and give the best options available, so why not send me your request or problem and I will get back to you as soon as possible.