Traditional Bathrooms In Sydney and Eastern Suburbs

Your bathroom is the hardest working room in your house. It can also be either a place of relaxation or a source of frustration, depending on its condition. Renovating a bathroom yourself can prove to be incredibly time-consuming and quite an arduous task to undertake. Not only this but niggles and problems inevitably come up during any DIY job which can cause the costs and stresses to spiral. A far better option is to contact a local designer and share your ideas with them to achieve the finish you desire without any of the hassles involved. Sometimes people can stray from doing this as even the pre-work consultations can come at a cost but this need not always be the case. For example, if you are living in Sydney, in the eastern suburbs bathroom renovations can be discussed with specialists that provide a free consultancy service.


The first matter to address when choosing to renovate your bathroom is the design. There are so many options that it can be difficult to even know where to begin. At this stage it is important to consider that you are not just investing in something for now but that the bathroom can have a profound effect on future property valuation and the reaction of prospective buyers. Additionally, fashions change quickly and you don’t want to be creating something which will date very quickly. Traditional bathrooms are a great idea as they have a class and timeless quality which lend themselves well to future buyers as well as giving your home that touch of refinement. But what are some of the key features of a traditional bathroom look to consider incorporating?

Free Standing Bath

One of the most common ways to achieve the luxury traditional style is by installing a free standing bath as the centre-piece. Roll-top baths with exposed feet give that quintessential traditional feel but there are many more styles to choose from. Remember you don’t have to sacrifice the mod-cons to get the classic look and you can choose to incorporate a shower into this if space is an issue.

Basin with Full Pedestal

The traditional look usually incorporates a basin with a full pedestal rather than just a floating wall-mounted sink. A rectangular shaped sink with a square-edged design will finish this look off beautifully.


Metal taps and other accessories will really heighten the design of a traditional bathroom and if you wanted that extra touch of class consider introducing some metals other than chrome such as brass, gold or silver. Chunky, robust pieces look best in this style helping achieve both a classic design as well as giving that quality feel. Again you need not lose the practicality and functionality of modern living as there are a multitude of accessories which combine the traditional look with contemporary technology.


Whether it is exposed heated radiators or towel rails, these are a common way of providing the classic traditional look to any bathroom. Not only this but they are very practical and will help keep the bathroom area clutter-free whilst providing somewhere to hang and heat your towels whilst maintaining both the practicality and luxury this room requires.

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