Is Car Paint Protection Worth the Money?

Most of the time people will say that it does not worth the money to protect the paint of your car. They think that it is normal for car paints to wear off over time. Well, that is not true. In fact, the initial cost of protecting your car paint will cost much lesser than repainting the car in the future.

When you’re buying a new car, paint protection may be one of the additional service being offered to you. More than often, most new car owners will turn down that additional service just because it occurs additional cost.

What is Paint Protection?

Paint ProtectionThis must be on your mind right now, so, what exactly is paint protection?

Paint protection is not a new invention and it is nowhere close to a new service for vehicles. Paint protection has been around for over 40 years. Other names of paint protection may be paint sealant or paint covering service. What it does is that it covers your paint with a protective shell that will protect against light scratches and harmful chemicals. Blemishes will not show on the vehicle in case of any light scratches and harmful chemical damages.

How is it Applied to the Car?

The process of applying it to the car is basically just covering the whole bare paint with the protective shell. Any external and additional coating beside the paint needs to be removed first, this means that wax needs to be removed before applying the protective shell. It is important that the protective shell be applied only by professionals. Why? Because these protective shell contains harmful chemicals which requires special protective gears, it needs meticulous work in order to apply it perfectly and that incorrect application of the protective shell will cause more damage than good to the vehicle.

Why is it Worth your Money?

moneyIf you love your car or if the car is a major investment of your money, go for it! Get it protected! However, do approach and engage professional and reputable car paint protection service providers if not you may regret getting it protected. Although one of the basic care for the vehicle paint itself is to wax it regularly, car paint protection will not only bring that shine to your vehicle but also ensure long lasting of your paint’s color. Do not fret if you have not engaged the service for a paint protection when you first bought your car, however, try not to take too long considering whether to protect it or not as it is recommended to apply the protective shell within 1 year of purchase.

Why isn’t it Worth your Money?

It is a complicated process to apply protective shell to your vehicle, thus, not all service providers may be experienced enough for the job. Additionally, car paint protection does not prevent your car from damage especially common damages like dents, scratches and scrapes.


Now that you have some knowledge on car paint protection, will you engage this service for your car? If you were to ask me, I will definitely invest some money on car paint protection. After all, the car does make first impression of you, right?

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