Concrete Pavers – A Wide Range of Uses

Concrete is such a favored material to work with for landscapers due to its versatility. Its reasonable costs combined with the ability to use it for such a wide range of applications means that for landscaping and outdoor use few other materials can really come close to it. Whilst concrete used to be perceived in quite a negative light such as it being dull and always the same shade of grey these limitations are a thing of the past. You can find concrete produced in all manner of colors and textures now with wholesalers and so its uses have expanded yet further. One of the best concrete landscaping products you can buy are concrete pavers as they can be used inventively to add a touch of design to your outside areas. Long gone are the times of boring slab patios so what new features could you install into your garden or yard through the simple use of a few paving stones?

Stepping Stone Walkways

A series of spaced out pavers can create an impressive yet simple and reasonably priced walkway. Play around with sizes and positioning as sometimes placing them quite sporadically or in a pattern effect can create a distinct design feature. Remember that they do not need to be set flush with each other and can look very striking when separated across a grassy area or set into another material of a contrasting colour. By spreading the pavers out, you can also the reduce the number you need to buy thus saving on costs too.

Non-Uniform Designs

Experiment with shapes and layouts. Sometimes a large area can look a little uninteresting if it comprises of a square of uniform sized paving blocks. Spread them out or use different sized pavers to add a little more interest to an area. Use a combination of colours and distribute them at random to make the area both look more natural and aesthetically stimulating. Don’t become obsessed with the idea of uniformity. In certain situations, it can look fantastic but you also don’t want your external areas to end up resembling a car park.

Fragments or Non-Rectangular Shapes

Perhaps you would like to create a faux courtyard effect or a mosaic type surface. Rather than using the classic cut shapes you could introduce some less uniform shapes to enhance the design of an outdoor space. Alternatively, you could have a very linear property in desperate need of some shape differentiation so circular or oval shaped pavers will change the design aspect of your grounds complimenting the property whilst adding some variety.

Introduce or use Pre-Existing Greenery

When placed next to green grass or colourful plants, concrete pavers can look even more impressive. The tones that concrete comes available in will offset natural colours beautifully and they will produce a very complimentary colour palette. Use what you have already to reduce the need to purchase additional plants and flora and allow your outside area to look like it is a part of nature rather than at odds with it.


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