Different Types of Earthmoving Machinery

Whether you are doing some major upheaval of the outdoor space or just some decorative tweaks there is a strong possibility that you will need to make use of some earthmoving equipment. Whenever there is a need to dig holes or alter the lay of the land the easiest and most efficient way of going about this is by using the appropriate machinery. Whilst it can be possible to do some of this work with smaller equipment or even manually by hand it will save yourself a lot of bother to hire heavy-duty earthmoving gear. Knowing more about the machinery and what they are for will help you to understand what exactly it is you need so here is a quick breakdown of the different vehicles used for earthmoving.


One of the most common pieces of equipment used is an excavator. Whilst they can come in various sizes they fulfill the same function – that of digging and lifting. They utilise either wheels or tracks depending on where they are used. They usually comprise of a cab and a long arm with a bucket at the end for digging or lifting and it can rotate around its base. Alongside digging holes they can be used to move large portions of material around a small area as well as lifting heavy items. These are often used in conjunction with a dump truck or some other vehicle designed to carry large loads.


Another very common vehicle utilised in earth moving, a bulldozer is used for pushing heavy sections of material around when in an open space. They have no facility to lift but are very powerful and so can shunt a load along the ground and can be used to smooth softer areas. The blade on the front is usually adjustable so the angle and height can be altered slightly to give the driver greater control and precision.

Backhoe Loaders

A very common sight on various types of jobs involving heavy-duty machinery, these vehicles appear like tractors with a large shovel on the front and a bucket attached to an arm, like on excavators at the rear. Both of these are controllable through hydraulics and so their applications are wide and versatile. Using wheels and tyres allows them to be used in multiple locations and can be driven on the road. They are reasonably sized and can be used when there is not the available space for heavier equipment to be used.

Crawler LoadersCrawler Loaders

These vehicles are like a combination between an excavator and a backhoe loader. Mounted on tracks they are used for lifting heavier loads and can lift larger amounts of material than an excavator. They will need a large amount of space to manoeuver so these are better suited for large-scale jobs. Whenever you are in doubt about which equipment is most suitable for the job at hand speak to the firm you are hiring from and make sure you are getting the right equipment for the job at hand.

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