Different Ways to Frost Your Windows

Frosted glass can grant you the privacy you require in certain situations where you still wish to have panes of glass or windows. It could be that you have a window in your bathroom and want to keep the light coming into the room but without allowing onlookers to see inside. Alternatively it can be used on the surround to front doors and also within the bathroom itself such as shower doors. There are numerous ways in which you can have frosted glass and it can be even be retro fitted. Glass can be manufactured to have a frosted finish or it can be applied through an adhesive film or even a spray. Let’s have a look at the different ways in which it can be produced.

Frosted GlassFrosted Glass

During the manufacturing process of the glass it can be treated in such a way that it creates a frosting effect. This is done through acid etching or sandblasting. Acid etching is used to apply frosted patterns and it can precisely burn away markings on the glass using acid. Sandblasting, as the name suggests, involves firing an abrasive material against the glass surface which forcibly changes the glass surface. It can either be used to cut designs or used across an entire surface to give an opaque finish.


Another simple way to achieve a similar effect of window frosting is through frosted glass sprays. It is applied relatively easily and can be done by one’s self at home if you wish. To do so all you need to do is clean the area of application, mask off the edges and then apply numerous thin coats. By doing this you will make sure it sticks well to the surface and leaves a smooth and consistent finish. You can even do this to achieve part frosting on a pane or even create patterns by just masking off the areas of the window which you don’t wish to be frosted.

window filmWindow Film

Another way to retro fit frosting to your windows is to apply a layer of film. It follows the same principle as spray in that it is a superficial layer attached to the surface of the glass which creates different effects. You can have different grades of opacity and can even get window films which are predesigned with shapes and patterns. Application is quite similar to the spray. The window frosting is achieved by first thoroughly cleaning the surface. Next measure the size of the window and add a few centimetres to each dimension and cut out the required size from your film. Apply a little water to the window and then stick the film on. The water will allow you to move the film around after it completely sticks. A squeegee or equivalent tool can be used to smooth out the film and make it attach to the window. All that is left to do is repeat this and then trim off the edges. If you aren’t feeling confident enough to do it yourself there are many professionals such as Solar Graph Glass Tinting who will be able to apply these window films for you.


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