How to increase your prospects in the office

In today’s business culture, it’s an ultra-competitive battlefield in which only those who truly apply themselves and give their all to a company and the work that they do who will go on to thrive and prosper within that particular industry. Indeed those that actively apply themselves and go out of their way in their own time to develop their professional skills for use in the workplace will quickly find themselves promoted and given additional responsibilities, but these people will also end up going on to be successful not only in this workplace but also any future workplace they go into will appreciate that enthusiasm and approach to their work. Obviously when faced with a prospective employee like that and a regular worker who is there for their paycheck we all know who is more likely to get the job at the end of the day.

So it’s therefore important that you use at least some of your spare time to get out there and gain some additional skills that you can use to wow your employers, both in the present and in the future, the individual skills that you may choose to learn can be very different depending on your chosen industry and your desired career path in the future. However certain skills are very easily transferrable and can be useful in a number of different ways to any potential employer regardless of industry. However, with so much variety in the work place it can be a tall order to nail down exactly what it is that you should dedicate your time to learning, well hopefully in this article we will run through a couple of skills that we think can be easily transferred to any job to improve your prospects.

Customer service

No matter what job you do, whatever company, whatever industry and whatever you actually do yourself, your company definitely has customers of some description, whether those customers be fellow businesses who rely on your products and services in order to complete their own work or they are domestic customers who enjoy using whatever it may be that you offer. So in this logic, to really boost your prospects within a workplace then it’s really good to be able to converse and handle customer enquiries, orders and even complaints with the utmost professionalism no matter the circumstances. After all your company will undoubtedly rely on its companies to grow and expand and they will want to see this in their employees that they trust with their most important asset – their customers.

So to improve your customer service skills, try asking one of your colleagues to run through some role-plays with different scenarios in which you could be dealing with customers and ask them to gauge their response as if it was them hearing this. Ask them to then evaluate how satisfied with their interaction they were and ask them to give constructive feedback so you can improve. There are also numerous different courses and training programs that you can enroll in that will assist you in polishing up those service skills in a structured and easy to follow way.

Excel is important too!

Now most people that work within the office environment will already be familiar with some aspects of the Microsoft Office family, however most general workers only know how to use programs like word, which while useful, has its limitations and if you truly want to prove your use to your employers you should really be familiar with how to use and effectively apply the application to any work that you may be required to complete and frequently the one that is ignored the most due to its objective level of complexity compared to other applications is Excel. Excel if you didn’t know is a spreadsheet generation tool.

Its uses are wide and varied but in essence it’s a program in which you can craft customized and automatically calculating spreadsheets that enable you to not only quickly compile useful mathematical data on any given subject but within excel is the power to generate bar graphs, charts and other data displays to turn that data from numbers into something more visibly tangible. This program is particularly useful if you are required to give presentations and sales pitches. Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Please click the following link for more information regarding excel training and workshops.

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