How to stop infestations in their tracks

Your home is your sanctuary from the rest of the world, a place where you should be able to feel safe, secure, comfortable and clean from the outside world. After all you probably work hard to have a place to live, why would you let it fall into squalor? And as such most of us will put hard work into keeping our home clean, tidy and hygienic.

However, without proper instruction on the subject, even the most diligent and cleanliness obsessed people can sometimes be unable to prevent the intrusion of pests into their home and a frequent pest to the domestic environment that is the insect. They are usually attracted by unsanitary conditions or open food sources, but they can also be transmitted to your home by virtue of your neighbors or any nearby place suffering from their own infestation.

They come in many different shapes and species with each one having their own preferred kind of environment and food source however apart from making us feel uncomfortable and squeamish when we see them, they also pose a far greater risk to our health as they are carriers of many different kinds of potentially serious bacteria which can be a great cause of concern to people with weak immune systems and are vulnerable to getting sick, such as children or the elderly.

It’s therefore vital that the problem is appropriately dealt with but better than a cure is a good preventative strategy to keep them from coming back. But how exactly do you keep these nifty, nimble and evasive creatures from entering your home in the first place? In this guide, we will go through some strategies in order to prevent further infestations in your home.

Domestic grade products


Insects are not a new problem, in fact records of infestations of insects being a major issue and threat to public health have been found as far back as the 1200’s where the commonly found problems with sanitation lead to major and extremely unhealthy levels of infestation in domestic properties. However nowadays there are many products that are available for use in the home in order to not only kill the insects residing there now but to discourage and prevent them from returning again. Many of these are even as commonly available and you can find them in your local supermarket to provide homeowners with easy access to the tools with which to fight back against this veritable army of insects.

Items that can be found that prevent the further incursion of insects can be things like Diatomaceous earth, which is a naturally occurring insecticide that is non-toxic and suitable to use in household that have children or pets as it is only deadly to insect species. Other products include glue traps and sick pads which are baited pads of sticky materials designed to attract the roaches with a powerful pheromone scent to attract them into walking into the glue and becoming trapped, the insect then struggles to free itself only to get further trapped in the sticky substance and while these are marketed as a way to remove not prevent, leaving a few around your home in the days and weeks following a pest extermination will ensure that any that remain will be trapped and killed.


Pest control services


Now while most people would assume that a pest control expert is solely used a cure as opposed to a preventative measure, however the clue is in the name “pest control” and therefore is not exclusively limited to merely removing the pest but also preventing them and a company would be more than happy to take care of any preventative work that you may require.

This can be such things as inspecting your home for access point and danger spots for the insects and moving to blocking those sometimes using expanding foam to ensure there is no further intrusion, all the way to installing scent and pheromone based replants which are normally of a professional grade to further discourage the insects from becoming an issue again in the future.

The main advantage of having a Sydney pest control company to prevent infestations is the wisdom and practical advice they can give you based on their experience. They can lead you on the right path and teaching you things that you can do in day to day life in order to further stop future outbreaks before they even start.