Things to consider when showing your home to buyers

Okay so you’ve taken the steps to start selling your home, maybe you are planning on moving to a different area perhaps, maybe the property you are selling was an investment that you have patiently waited to sell, or maybe you just want top find a new and different environment to live in. Whatever the reason, everybody knows that selling your home is a complicated process that requires a huge amount of planning and preparation and sometimes even financial consultation if there are things like loans and mortgages attached to the property. However if you get past all of that then one of the simplest parts to the whole process is actually showing your home to potential buyers.

However, just because it is not as overly complicated as the financial arrangements behind the sale or the real estate procedures that must be followed, it in no way means that there is no work or that the process is without its own considerations that must be factored in. After all, the viewing is supposed to act as a draw for your home to people who would potentially live there. So it’s important that you get it right as you are trying to get these visitors to imagine themselves living in your house, luckily we have compiled some helpful tips to help you along with this process.

Real estate arrangements

Unless you are selling your home 100% independently, the chances are that your real estate agent will be handling the sourcing and handling of interest and enquiries that people may have about your home. And it’s important to remember that your estate agent should be the one actually selling the property, after all that’s what you’re paying them for. In most cases their fee depends on the sale of the house so it’s very likely that most of them will try their hardest to do so. However, if you are serious about selling quickly then there are things that you can do to assist them in doing that.

For a start make sure that your agent is aware of any potential days that you are not available to show visitors around or days where the house will either not be in a fit state to view without your presence or where it is just inconvenient for you. Also bear in mind that your estate agent will be juggling the sales of multiple different properties at once and he may not be able to work 100% within your schedule. But an agent worth his salt will do everything they can to make it as easy for them and you as humanely possible.

Preparing your home

Obviously when people come over they are not going to want to view your home in a state of disarray with your children’s toys scattered about the place with unmapped floors and a sink of washing up. These people are coming to view a potential investment and a home and all those things mentioned prior will do is create a negative impression of the property itself. You probably already know this however and there are really two options available to deal with this. You could undertake a deep clean yourself or many people now just employ a quality house cleaning service to undertake all of the hard work for them.

Most cleaning companies offer a service specifically for those who are selling their home and it will cover most of the aspects that you may not be aware of, such as cleaning behind shelving units and inside of cupboards. A real estate agent will generally be very thorough when describing and showing all of the different features and rooms of your house so you don’t want him to inadvertently draw attention to something that looks a little grimy or unclean on closer inspection. You must also ensure that the company you employ to undertake this work has a good deal of experience with this kind of work and that you can see examples of homes they have successfully cleaned to a high standard. Also make sure that you arrange to have the house cleaned as close to the day of viewing as possible and if you are living in the property in the meantime then ensure that you keep it spotless.

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