Uses of Pressure Washers

How High Pressure Washers Can Be Used To Clean Your Home

Water is the best choice for any cleaning job. When combined with detergent, things can be washed out more easily and you can make things much cleaner, more easily. But some kinds of dirt are quite stubborn. No matter how hard you try, they will still stick to your surfaces. Pressure washers work effectively by using the power of highly-pressurized water to blast away all the dirt. Water travels from pressure washers very fast, hitting the surface and washing the dirt and dust away.

High pressure washers sound pretty hard to use. You might not think that they are for household users, but actually, all they are is a water pump powered by an electric motor. They take the water and force it up to a high pressure which then emits the water out with high speed.

Nowadays, pressure washers on the market are small, light, handy and comfortable to use. You do not have to switch nozzles for different cleaning tasks but you can just simply rotate a nozzle to change the way the water is sprayed.

Cleaning with Pressure Washers

Instead of hand brushing or cleaning your home like before, pressure washers can be energy-savers and time-savers.

1. Cleaning Side Walls and Exteriors

The side walls of your house is somewhere where it is easy for dirt to build up. Summer sand or splashes of mud from the rainy season can leave stains. The easiest way to clean them is by using a pressure washer.

Use a 25 or 40-degree nozzle tip with an extension wand to clean the side walls. Avoid using a ladder while using the pressure washer because it can become slippery and can cause accidents.

Start about 3 feet away from the wall then get closer to the stubborn dirt. Detergent can be used to make the job even simpler.

2. Cleaning your Roof

Your roof can turn white from bird droppings and moss and mold can grow on your roof since the last rainy season. Pressure washers can make cleaning it much easier.

Things to consider when cleaning the roof is trying to avoid damaging to it. Use the proper spray tip to clean it and start by spraying with a medium pressure. Only use a very high pressure for stubborn areas. Be careful not to let the water go under the shingles because it will leak into your home and remember to stand in a dry area for safety.

3. Cleaning your Decking

Ground-in dirt, mould, and mildew that comes from the soles of your shoes will make the decking dirty. The easiest, fastest and most effective way to clean it is with a high pressure washer.

Use a mid-sized pressure washer to clean the whole deck and then use a narrow nozzle to clean the corners. Avoid using full power on the deck because your deck needs a consistent finish.


4. Cleaning your Car

The most popular use of pressure washers is for cleaning cars. Before doing so, there are a few things that you should be aware of to avoid damaging your beloved cars.

First, rinse your car with plain water. Use a 40-degree nozzle to give a wider spray and an excellent wash. If your car is covered in mud, go with 15-25 degrees in the muddy areas. Clean your car starting from the top and make the way down to bottom. You can hand wash with detergent or apply detergent injector to clean the car. Finish up by rinsing and drying it with a soft cloth.

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