Ways you can revitalize you garden

Once upon a time somebody will have taken great pride in caring for their garden and making it a veritable paradise for them to retreat to after a long day at the rat race. And while it may have taken some amount of hard work and elbow grease, all of that work was worth it in the end when they have an outdoor space that made all of their neighbors green with envy. But now it may have fallen into disrepair, or may have been slightly overused and under attended. And you may soon be deciding to do something about it.

But where do you even begin? Being neglected for so long, in some cases, your garden can look more akin to an inhospitable jungle than a potentially viable outdoor space in need of some work and this in it is probably one of the reasons you haven’t done something about it sooner. However there are many ways that you can not only get to clear out more space, but eventually build your garden into something beautiful and enjoyable for the whole family. In this article we will go through a few great tips from A View Turf Suppliers.

Prioritize what you want to keep

Maintenance Grass


Before you actually get down and dirty with the work you will need to assess what parts of your garden require the most attention and what you want to do with them. One of the things you will want to look for mainly are overgrown areas than will choke other plants and generally make your garden appear scruffier and less attractive. Also look for damaged or not fit-for-purpose pieces of equipment and plants, such as dead flowers and bushes and cracked and chipped flower pots. Make sure you have a replacement on hand before you go about replacing them.

Another thing that you will want to do is have a look at things that you can keep and potentially repair and clean to its former glory. Now in extremely overgrown gardens you may think that there is absolutely nothing that you want to keep and that nothing could survive that level of vegetation. However we are willing to bet that there is at least one or two things that you could save and use again, removing the need to spend money on a replacement. Use a notepad and a basic bird’s eye map of your garden to keep track of your plans as you formulate them.



This may seem like a slightly obvious suggestion but you will have to do something with your lawn, this covers a massive portion of your garden and is designed to be a focal point and if it isn’t up to par, be that due to weed, under or over fertilization or just general neglect, it will have a massive negative effect on your garden’s overall appearance and lead to undesirable results. So what may not be quite as obvious is what you should do about you lawn in order to bring it under wraps and looking great.

Many people are turning to natural turf lawns, this is due to their ease of installation along with their weed resistant properties and the fact that in general their maintenance requirements are far less than a regular seeded lawn, due to the membrane and underlay that will come with your lawn will mean less mowing, less weeding and more time enjoying your new lawn and garden. It’s important that you find a reputable and professional contractor who is experienced in laying turf to help walk you through the process of picking and ultimately laying your turf.


Now it’s time to get creative and think about what kind of look and feel you want your garden to have and what colour palate you want to work with. Obviously there are classic white and blue but why not go a little bit more creative and choose you own unique style?

Be sure that whatever palate you choose in some way compliments green (unless you are going for a striking contrast effect) as otherwise the accessories and furniture you choose will just have an ugly and clashing appearance when viewed near your lawn.

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